At Sequoia, you will find a workplace culture unlike any other. Genuine care for our people is at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize you and your well-being above everything else. We understand the importance of providing a safe space for our team to voice their opinions and individuality. We actively listen, seek feedback, and work diligently to Elevate the Everyday for our residents and team members. It's this commitment that consistently earns us rankings as a top employer.


At Sequoia, we believe in creating a space in which differences are acknowledged, accepted, and celebrated. We believe in mutual respect, recognition, and acceptance of others without bias, because everyone should feel safe and free to be themselves. We believe that success can only be achieved with diverse contributions, so we welcome them.

Sequoia’s DIBE Task Force is composed of team members from different positions, with different backgrounds, in different locations. Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive culture reflective of the diverse experiences and viewpoints of our team members, residents, and vendors. We strive to foster creativity, uplift and engage all voices, and embrace a wide range of backgrounds, knowledge, and perspectives.



Sequoia embraces the guiding principle of giving back, and we know much of our success stems from relationships with the communities we serve. It's not a task or a reminder to make an effort; it's in our DNA. It's what we do.

That's why every Sequoia team member receives four personal paid days each year to volunteer with organizations of their choice, also known as PURPOSE days. You can use PURPOSE days to participate in a 5k fundraiser or walk to highlight social issues, or you can volunteer at your local school or church. The choice is yours!

Each region also participates in a team PURPOSE day to give back to our local communities as a group. In addition to donating our time, we also regularly fundraise and hold donation drives for local communities and individuals in need.