Your first 45 days with Sequoia will be a learning experience like no other. When you walk in the door, you’ll be provided a personalized training plan thoughtfully created to ensure your success. You’ll meet key stakeholders, practice job tasks, and attend webinars and training sessions that will prepare you for success in your role.

At Sequoia, you will be partnered with a personal role coach who will guide you through your onboarding. Your role coach will provide you with the opportunity to learn one-on-one with a peer, as well as serve as a support system throughout your journey.

And it doesn’t stop there. Sequoia University provides ongoing learning experiences on topics like sales, maintenance, fair housing, leadership, mentorship, and on-the-job skills. We also offer third party training, including HVAC certifications!


This program partners new managers and high potential team members with experienced leaders who exemplify the Sequoia brand promise. Mentors provide ongoing support, training, and leadership. Mentor Program events include motivational speakers, training on leadership skills, and team bonding opportunities.


Team members who are experts in their field are asked to share their knowledge by training others at Sequoia University. Faculty members facilitate and help develop our training sessions that support the growth and development of our team members.


Team member recognition is a high priority at Sequoia. It is an honor to receive a Spirit of Sequoia Award or land a spot on our Elite Sales Force, and our team members work diligently throughout the year to receive a nomination. Key recipients are awarded annually with an exclusive, all-expenses-paid trip and private dinner with our executive team members.


At Sequoia, our task forces are comprised of diverse team members who passionately contribute ideas and perspectives, enhancing various facets of our business. From elevating customer experiences to making meaningful contributions through philanthropy, fostering diversity and inclusion, and even delving into the realm of fashion, our task forces shape a vibrant and inclusive environment.


To encourage learning and development outside of our company walls, team members can apply to attend conferences, complete certification programs, or engage in other training programs to improve their skills and knowledge in the industry.


Rather than the conventional annual review, your manager will hold at least four check-ins throughout the year. During these one-on-one sessions, team members have the opportunity to provide feedback, review their work, and discuss goals and opportunities for advancement with their manager.


Sequoia is dedicated to providing opportunities that grow existing leaders and cultivate future ones across the organization. We offer specialized training and classes for all career tracks – leadership, finance, sales, maintenance, and more. Each team member's individual goals and career growth are equally important to us.


Our Leasing Consultants are passionate about creating vibrant communities where residents feel a true sense of home. With genuine enthusiasm for both people and our exceptional products, you effortlessly foster connections and cultivate lasting relationships. Building trust is at the core of what you do, and delivering service with a genuine smile is not just a choice, but a heartfelt commitment. Your dedication is driven by the desire to excel, both in connecting people and ensuring they experience the best our community has to offer.


Community Managers at Sequoia inspire team members to be their best self every day. You thrive on challenge and appreciate your significant role in operating a multi-million dollar asset. A skilled team-builder, you know the people who work with you and what makes them tick. You enjoy training and developing others in their career, and celebrating their successes.


Service Technicians at Sequoia are the heartbeat of our team; you keep our residents happy. To maintain is your middle name. You’ve repaired things – like basic electrical switches, appliances, a showerhead, and holes in drywall. You take pride in your work and want things spotless. You will perfect someone’s home before move-in day. You love people. Chatting with a neighbor makes your day and a smile on your face is never optional.


Each department within our Home Office is dedicated to providing knowledge and expertise in their specific functional areas. Our department teams work diligently to keep our company programs and processes streamlined and relevant in today’s ever-changing business environment. Most importantly, our Home Office team members are here to offer unwavering support and guidance for our property teams.